Nitzan Sitzer


Nitzan Sitzer is an international performer, producer and writer with over 30 years of professional experience on both stage and screen ranging from classical theatre to musicals, opera, mime, street theatre, performances with symphonies and one man shows. 

He has also appeared on numerous children's television and internet programs and has written and performed in countless educational programs for stage, screen and internet both as an actor and /or a voice over artist.

Nitzan co-created and stars as Yoyo on the succesful Israeli children's television series “Rinat and Yoyo”.

Nitzan is also a sought after voice over artist and has worked on scores of projects ranging from animated series to sales videos to educational programs. He is the featured voice and cowriter of the internationally acclaimed animated series, “Monkey See Monkey Do” produced by Smartoonz and which appears in over 60 countires worldwide.


Ady Cohen


Ady Cohen is a film composer who also composes music for the stage, TV and the concert hall, winner of the 2012 ACUM Award for Best Score for a Children’s Film, the 1998 Israeli Academy Award for Best Film Score as well as numerous other Israeli and international awards.

His career ignited with the help of the late Maestro Leonard Bernstein, who has been Ady’s patron and sponsored his studies at New York University where he graduated with Honors as a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Ady has composed over 30 film scores, among them: “Passover Fever”, “Song of the Siren”, “Dangerous Acts” and more. 

In 2001 Ady’s setting of 6 songs by Astor Piazzolla received its premiere by renowned opera singer Bavat Marom at Carnegie Hall in NY, garnering praise from the press, as well as introducing him to his future wife.