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Sir Laughalot

I'm Sir Laughalot. Yes, Sir Laughalot, a silly old night named, Sir Laughalot. And I care a lot for the children of the world. I live by a code that is old and true. Sharing laughter and cheer, is what I love to do. 



Sir Laughalot joyously trots along the trails of life upon his trusty steed, Giggles.

Along his merry way, he comes to the aid of children in distress. In his comical, yet ever heart-felt fashion, our beloved knight offers them empathy, while inspiring and uplifting them through empowering stories and soulful tunes.



The gallant purpose of our friendly knight is to inspire children to deal with their emotional issues in a more enlightened manner.

He bases his philosophy on the wisdom of the ages. He shares his guidance through the means of stories, found in his worn old magical storybook.

Each story he offers is relevant to the issue the child is dealing with.

Ultimately, his goal is to offer the child a greater sense of self-esteem and empowerment.



Each episode begins with Sir Laughalot trotting about the countryside until he meets a child in need of support.

He then offers them a story from his magical storybook. He tosses the book up in the air and when it lands on the ground, it opens to the perfect story.

Trees begin growing out of the book and become Care'alot Forest.

It is there that the story unfolds. By the end of the story, the child has gained new insight into their issue and sets off to deal with it in a new and empowered fashion.

The show is a combination of 3-D (Sir Laughalot and Children) and 2-D (story).





Age Group:  Geared for toddlers (3-8)

Length of episode: 11-15 minutes

© Nitzan Sitzer 2014