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The Knick Knack Nook

Once upon a time, or just a tad bit before, in the heart of a market place, there stood a little store. It had all sorts of knickknacks, long forgotten, old. 

Each of them with stories waiting to unfold. So come, all together, let's get a closer look and open to the magic of the Knick Knack Nook.



Our show takes place in a little store that stands in the middle of a market place.

This quaint little shop is filled with knickknacks galore.

The owner of the shop is an eccentric troubadour who finds muse and inspiration in every knickknack that he finds.

More so, he enjoys sharing a tale and tune to help uplift the spirit and share an insight or two.




The intention of the show is to entertain the viewers while also inspiring them to be creative and fun with anything that might be in hand.

The show also seeks to share valuable life lessons and insight thru the medium of storytelling.





Each episode begins in the store as the storeowner interacts with different knickknacks, as well as the audience at home.

Something will then inspire a story, which will then lead us into a new magical and animated setting.

The storeowner acts out the story and its characters as animation is used to creatively punctuate aspects of the story.





Age Group:  Geared for ages 4-8

Length of episode:  12 minutes

  © Nitzan Sitzer and Noga Algom 2014