The Story Tree

Round the bend, and up the hill, stands a tree, no ordinary tree by any means, for blossoming on its branches are magical little story books.

Books filled with inspiration, motivation and fun! 



Every day, our friend Buddy visits his beloved Story Tree in search of a ripe storybook.

As Buddy begins to read, his imagination comes alive and he soon begins to act out the story within the pages of the book.

Buddy's infectious enthusiasm and comical ways will beckon the viewers to jump out of their seats and participate in the fun and action.



Warning!!! This show is not meant for couch potatoes!!!

It is completely interactive and is geared to have the viewers play along with Buddy and the stories.

The intention of The Story Tree is to inspire children to be imaginative, creative and active. 





The show is a combination of a live actor and simple 2-D animation.

Each episode begins beneath the Story Tree. Once a story book is opened Buddy jumps into the story, literally, and becomes the main character and acts out the story with simple 2D animation to illustrate his surroundings and other props.

Each episode is narrated by a warm voice.





Age Group:  Geared for toddlers (2-5)

Length of episode:  7 minutes

© Nitzan Sitzer 2014